Mootilda's Bad Mood Cover Reveal!!!

Corey and I are over the mooooooon excited about the release of Mootilda's Bad Mood on September 1st!  And it's available for pre-order now! 

A Mixture of Mischief, By Anna Meriano PLUS GIVEAWAY!!!

"Mama didn't understand how it felt, how Leo always got held back while her older sisters moved ahead. Leo didn't want to be the extra tagalong sister, the unnecessary fourth-born who didn't even have a birth order power. She wanted to be a bruju, and a baker, and an important part of her family."

A Mixture of Mischief, by Anna Meriano is a delightful addition to the LOVE SUGAR MAGIC series. Leo is a likable main character with foibles and strengths and an authentic teen voice. Her complex relationships with friends and family, her determination for independence and her powerful magical capabilities make this a compelling read.

Themes of honesty, loyalty, love, family, competition and friendship make this the kind of book that will evoke discussion with your tween.

Love Sugar Magic: A Mixture of Mischief
“There’s power in something passed down through the generations.”

It’s spring break in Rose Hill, Texas, but Leo Logroño has a lot of work to do if she's going to become a full-fledged bruja like the rest of her family.

She still hasn't discovered the true nature of her magical abilities, and that isn’t the only bit of trouble in her life: Her family’s baking heirlooms have begun to go missing, and a new bakery called Honeybees has opened across town, threatening to run Amor y Azúcar right out of business.

What's more, everyone around her seems to have secrets, and none of them want to tell Leo what's going on.

But the biggest secret of all comes when Leo is paid a very surprising visit—by her long-lost Abuelo Logroño. Abuelo promises answers to her most pressing questions and tells Leo he can teach her about her power, about what it takes to survive in a world where threats lurk in the shadows. But can she trust him?

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Anna Meriano is the author of the books in the Love Sugar Magic series, A Dash of TroubleA Sprinkle of Spirits and A Mixture of Mischief. She grew up in Houston, Texas, and earned her MFA in creative writing with an emphasis in writing for children from the New School in New York. She has taught creative writing and high school English, and she works as a writing tutor. Anna likes reading, knitting, playing full-contact quid- ditch, and singing along to songs in English, Spanish, and ASL. Her favorite baked goods are the kind that open hearts. You can visit her online at

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20/20 Vision January GIVEAWAY!!!

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BEAUTIFUL SHADES OF BROWN, THE ART OF LAURA WHEELER WARING - written by Nancy Churnin, illustrated by Felicia Marshall

Odd Dog Out, by Rob Biddulph

"Someone on this street is dancing to a different beat. When they fly high...this dog flies low. When they say "Kick!"...this dog says "Throw!" It's very sad (cue violin) but this small dog does not fit in."

Colorful, expressive illustrations combine with rollicking rhyme to make the perfect read aloud! I loved how Dog leaves his home to find dogs who are like him and eventually returns home because he learns that his differences are what makes him special. This story helps helps kids embrace their differences, and embrace others who are different. This is the kind of message that resonates for all ages.

What books have you read recently about embracing differences?

20/20 Vision Picture Book GIVEAWAY!

Art by Jeannette Bradley

"Lizzie was in a hurry. A big hurry. The kind of hurry she couldn't hold back."

Lizzie Demands a Seat, by Beth Anderson and E. B. Lewis is the kind of book that every child should read. Beth Anderson deftly shows Elizabeth Jenning's inspirational story! This is the kind of book that will teach kids about discrimination, courage, and the power one person has to make a difference in the world.

"You're never too old to learn." Mary Walker

This inspiring book tells the story Mary Walker who learned to read at the age of 116 years old! Rita Lorraine Hubbard does an incredible job of sharing Mary's story with expert word choice. Her words, paired with Oge Mora's stunning illustrations make this book a powerful work of art. This is a beautiful, inspiring, and heart warming story of persistence and hope.

Enter the 20/20 Vision rafflecopter for a chance to win these new #picturebook releases! LIZZIE DEMANDS A SEAT: ELIZABETH JENNINGS FIGHTS FOR STREETCAR RIGHTS - written by Beth Anderson, illustrated by E.B. Lewis; THE OLDEST STUDENT: HOW MARY WALKER LEARNED TO READ - written by Rita Hubbard, illustrated by Oge Mora; and COUNTING SHEEP - written by Pippa Chorley, illustrated by Danny Deeptown. Three lucky entries will each win one of these beautiful new picture books!