Odd Dog Out, by Rob Biddulph

"Someone on this street is dancing to a different beat. When they fly high...this dog flies low. When they say "Kick!"...this dog says "Throw!" It's very sad (cue violin) but this small dog does not fit in."

Colorful, expressive illustrations combine with rollicking rhyme to make the perfect read aloud! I loved how Dog leaves his home to find dogs who are like him and eventually returns home because he learns that his differences are what makes him special. This story helps helps kids embrace their differences, and embrace others who are different. This is the kind of message that resonates for all ages.

What books have you read recently about embracing differences?

20/20 Vision Picture Book GIVEAWAY!

Art by Jeannette Bradley

"Lizzie was in a hurry. A big hurry. The kind of hurry she couldn't hold back."

Lizzie Demands a Seat, by Beth Anderson and E. B. Lewis is the kind of book that every child should read. Beth Anderson deftly shows Elizabeth Jenning's inspirational story! This is the kind of book that will teach kids about discrimination, courage, and the power one person has to make a difference in the world.

"You're never too old to learn." Mary Walker

This inspiring book tells the story Mary Walker who learned to read at the age of 116 years old! Rita Lorraine Hubbard does an incredible job of sharing Mary's story with expert word choice. Her words, paired with Oge Mora's stunning illustrations make this book a powerful work of art. This is a beautiful, inspiring, and heart warming story of persistence and hope.

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