Three NEW Read Alouds

I just read three hilarious and heartwarming newly released picture books.  


"The letter B stuck out his tongue and bragged, 'Our group is #1'!"

Offended, A said, 'You'll regret when all the vowels are done, I bet."

CAN U SAVE THE DAY? by Shannon Stocker and Tom Disbury, is a clever alphabet book where the vowels get disgruntled and leave, causing chaos with all of the animal sounds.

"So E took off. Things went awry, and all the horse could say was 'Nigh!" the birs sang 'twt' instead of tweet, and the sheep just 'blt' instead of bleat."

Super fun read aloud and great teaching tool for consonants and vowels and letters in general!


"Bruce was a bear who did not neighbors.  Neighbors were loud.  They were always interrupting... and pestering.  Worse still, neighbors lived all over Bruce's neighborhood."

BRUCE'S BIG STORM, by Ryan T. Higgins is another hilarious and heartwarming installment of the Mother Bruce series.  I love curmudgeonly Bruce! And I love how he hates things but always helps the other animals in the end.  Filled with comical and expressive illustrations, this book is the kind of read aloud that kids will want to read over and over again.


"But what is it that really makes a Glam-MA so glamorous? 
Because you're the one who made her a Glam-MA in the first place...and nothing is more glamorous than that."

I LOVE GLAM- MA!, by Samantha Berger and Sujean Rim is a lovely celebration of energetic and fun Grandmas.  I LOVE the title, the clever text and stunning and creative and the illustrations.   The pages of this book show all types of activities a grandma can do from building forts or making capes.  Super fun text for a grandmother to read with their grandchildren!

What new picture books have you smiling?

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