Four Perfect Picture books to read on the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing!

It's been fifty years since we landed on the moon!  To celebrate this day, we read KITE FOR MOON, PENGUINAUT, TINY LITTLE ROCKET, and SUN IS KIND OF A BIG DEAL.  

"Down below, a very small boy flying his kite on a beach near his house, looked up at the moon. 'Moon!" He called up to her. 'Don't be sad!'"

KITE FOR MOON iKITE FOR MOON, by Jane Yolen, Heidi E. Y. Stemple, and Matt Phelan is a lovely, lyrical story of a boy and his friendship with the moon. The story evokes discussion about space exploration, astronauts and the beauty of relationships and adventure. The gorgeous illustrations enhance the text and make this an excellent read aloud.

"And with a shake, shake, shake of a half-filled soda bottle, the ship was ready for liftoff. 
 It was perfect. And perfectly penguin-sized."

PENGUINAUT by, Marcie Colleen and Emma Yarlett is an imaginative journey of friendship and adventure.  When Penguin feels small, his creativity leads him on a journey that teaches him that he's not alone, and there will always be friends who want to join him on his adventures.  A clever and gentle read aloud with perfect word choice and pacing, and delightful illustrations!

"There's a tiny little rocket
that will take you to the stars. 

It only flied there once a year, 
but zips you out past Mars."

TINY LITTLE ROCKET by Richard Collingridge takes the reader for an out of this world ride through space.  Written in rhyme and beautifully illustrated, this book will take you on an adventure you'll never forget. 

"Once in a while, it gets dark in the daytime because the moon gets in the Sun's way.  That's called a solar eclipse, and it only lasts for a little while.
Moon covering the sun: Look what I can do!
Sun: Yes, yes. We are very impressed.  Now keep moving."

Filled with humor and engaging information, THE SUN IS KIND OF A BIG DEAL by Nick Seluk is the kind of book that kids will read over and over again. Although the sun is the main character in this book, the moon is also featured and discussed. The illustrations are fun and the informational text is written in a way that kids will understand and seek out. 

What books are you reading as you celebrate the 50th anniversary of our moon landing? 


  1. My own . . . Neil Armstrong's Wind Tunnel Dream. It's the story of how a 16 year old Neil built a wind tunnel just like the Wright Brothers.

  2. Wow--thanks. It's out little engine thst could chugging along.

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