The Broken Bees' Nest, by Lydia Ludikis and André Ceolin

“'BEES!' Keya cried. 'Run for your life!'
Arun grabbed her hand. “They won’t hurt you
if you don’t bother them. Bees are totally amazing."

THE BROKEN BEE'S NEST, by Lydia Lukidis, is a great way to introduce bee facts to any child. The engaging fictional story is interspersed with fun facts about bees, and there's additional backmatter too that helps kids understand how to be friends to bees. Whimsical illustrations by Andre Ceolin pair with well chosen words that encourage kids to respect living things, make things with their hands, and create. This story is part of the MAKERS MAKE IT WORK STEAM series, one of many books that empowers young readers to explore ideas and use their creativity.

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