"'I'm falling in love with you, too.'

I hear nothing else.  the sound those words carry is far greater, so much more exceptional, than any piece of music I could ever make."

ALL OUR BROKEN PIECES by L. D. Crichton took my breath away. The story is compelling and the characters realistic and complex. I found the book so engaging and thought provoking that I read past midnight, and then couldn't stop myself from percolating on what would happen next in this story of star-crossed teens. 

This stunning debut YA mirrors the teens' English project on Romeo and Juliet, but they are determined for a happy ending. Pairing a girl with OCD and a boy with serious external scars was brilliant and I love that two broken people come together to help each other heal.  As a marriage and family therapist, appreciate how Kyler accepts Lennon as she is, expressing curiosity about her quirks and how this helps Lennon accept her own quirks, leading to fewer compulsions.  And Lennon accepts Kyler for he is, helping him to understand that he doesn't need to hide his scars in order to live the life he wants to live.  The song lyrics in this book powerfully express Kyler's angst, the texts and letters between the MC's also made for an interesting, and well written book.  Still in a residual book haze after reading this one!

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