It's Your First Day of School, Busy Bus!

Happy Book Birthday to It's Your First Day of School Busy Bus! by Jodi Jenson Shaffer and Claire Messer.

"Will the children have fun riding with me? Busy Bus wonders."

This book is perfect for kids who are just starting school. I love the anthropomorphism of Busy Bus and how he worries about the same things that kids worry about on their first day of school. "What if I get homesick? He worries. What if I don't make any friends?" 

Bright, lively illustrations enhance sparse text sprinkled with onomatopoeia. This book that will evoke discussion about first day of school jitters and help kids understand that they aren't alone---even the bus worries sometimes! 

This is a great story to add to your list of back to school books! 

What are you favorite back to school books?

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  1. Cute! This is similar to the school waiting for students to come back...I am horrible with titles! Agh. Love the viewpoint.