7 Reasons Why You Should Read CLICK'D by Tamara Ireland Stone

1. Tamara Ireland Stone writes beautifully. Her book, Every Last Word, is one of my all time favorites. Brimming with poetry and honest emotion and insight into the mind of a teen who suffers from anxiety, Every Last Word proves the hurting and healing power of every last word.  Today, I'm thrilled to wish Click'd  a happy book birthday

2. Click'd's premise is incredibly fun. Allie's 7th grade year starts out with a bang when everyone loves the ap she programmed, and it goes viral.  When a glitch threatens to ruin her friendships and her ability to compete in the upcoming Games for Good competition, the stakes are high. And Allie may have to find help from her nemesis in order to compete and fix the problem with her code. 

3. This book empowers and encourages girls to pursue computer science and coding.  Allie is a strong, smart girl who excels at coding.  The book includes backmatter on educational resources for Code.org.  

4. Click'd is fast paced, compelling and heart-warming. Tamara manages to combine the angst and insecurities of middle school with an intriguing plot and buckets of hope. 

5.  The characters in this book are engaging and relatable. Allie's interactions with her parents are spot-on; she doesn't want to tell them when things go wrong. Her interactions with her teacher are realistic and the peer relationships feel authentic. I especially love how Allie matures and realizes what's really important by the end of the story. 

6. Click'd explores the importance of friendship and forgiveness.  

7.  This book evokes discussion about how and when we use social media in our lives. Click'd helps us realize the powerful impact of social media.  It gets us thinking about the positive and negative affects of using screens vs. real in person interactions. 

Click'd defintiely clicked with me.  This is a story you won't want to miss.  

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