Life's Homework and Collecting Stories

Recently I watched a Ted talk by Matthew Dicks.  He’s a masterful storyteller and his Homework for Life changed my perspective on writing and storytelling. His advice for finding stories is powerful and simple.  He challenges us to take five minutes at the end of each night to really think about the day and write down the most story worthy moment:  “When you start to look for stories in your life, you suddenly have stories well up”.  He suggests that we ask ourselves:
  1. What’s the 5 minute story from today?  
  2. What makes today different from yesterday?
Taking the time to really contemplate my day and find something story worthy has made me pay more attention to each moment.  My Life’s Homework document contains thoughts like:
  • Sheri can’t get the ring on Jim’s finger at wedding
  • Sammy at 5:30am asking for story cubes
  • ​Fox with chicken in mouth and dropping her when startled
  • Plane delayed 2 hours and got home at midnight.
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