Interview with Anna Staniszewski talented author of Finders Reapers

Anna Staniszewski
I first discovered Anna Staniszewski when my kids and I read her Dirt Diary series.  We adored them and quickly devoured herUnfairy Tale Life series.  Anna’s books are fast paced, clever and adorable!  I expected my girls to love these books, but even my 14 year old son reads them and was excited when he heard about Finders Reapers.  I’m thrilled to have Anna on Writer’s Rumpus today!
Kirsti Call: Finders Reapers is a clever, fun, fast paced read.  How did you come up with the idea?

Anna Staniszewski: The idea for the first book in the series, I’m With Cupid, came from a brief mention of a play in the British classic The Children of Green Knowe in which Cupid and Death accidentally swap powers. I loved that idea and wondered what would happen if those mythical characters were average middle school kids. For the sequel, Finders Reapers, I wanted to throw my characters into the midst of more magical mayhem and see how they dealt with it.:)
KC: What is your process and how long did it take you to complete the book?
AS: These days I sell most of my books on proposal which means that I send my editor a few sample chapters and a detailed synopsis, and then I have to complete the book by a specific date. That means that from the time I start writing a book to the time it hits shelves, it’s usually about a year. I guess you could say my process is a bit stressful, but I seem to work best when there’s a little adrenaline involved!
KC: Do you have a writing schedule?i'm with cupid final cover
AS: I used to! Then my daughter was born and that all went out the window! These days, I sneak in writing time whenever I can. If I don’t have time to write every day, I try to still check in with my current project every day or two (even if it’s just five minutes of brainstorming while I’m in the shower) so I don’t get too far away from it.
KC: How do you choose what to write about?
AS: When I get a story idea, I usually write it down and then go back to it later to see if I still like it. If I do, I’ll see if I can come up with some concrete scenes that would happen in the story. If those scenes start playing out in my head like a movie, that usually means there’s something there worth pursuing. If there’s no movie then I often put the project aside and let it stew for a bit longer.
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