Book Love, World Read Aloud Day and ReFoReMo!

Anyone who knows me knows that books are my weakness.  I’ve got books in every room of my house and I honestly go into withdrawals if I go a day without reading.  Reading aloud during the day to my older children is one of the happy hazards of homeschooling.  I read to them as they fold the clothes or do the dishes or clean their rooms.  It’s a win win situation, right?  They’re happy and they’re getting their chores done and we’re doing something educational!   I also read picture books to my unsuspecting clients. I’m a marriage and family therapist and a firm believer in bibliotherapy! So when I learned about World Read Aloud Day, I was thrilled.  Exactly one week from today millions of people in more than 100 countries will celebrate world read aloud day by reading aloud of course!  I can’t wait to read my book to classrooms in Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey, Iowa and Georgia over Skype!  

To read more, go to Children's Book Academy!

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