Kids Review Books about Chinese Culture

We celebrated Chinese New Year early by reading two books that open a window into Chinese culture. Naomi, James and Sydney each share some thoughts on these books below. ​

Review by Naomi

Bowls of Happiness
written by Brian Tse, Illustrated by Alice Mak, and translated by Ben Wang.

Bowls of Happiness is published by China Institute, a company dedicated to supporting Chinese culture and Buddhist philosophy. It's about a little girl named Piggy. Her mommy made her a beautiful porcelain bowl. The book explains how Chinese porcelain bowls have a lot to do with the rituals and traditions of Chinese culture. I learned quite a lot, including the fact that yellow porcelain bowls were only for the emperors in the Forbidden City.

Bowls of Happiness was very enlightening and I loved to learn so much about Chinese culture and porcelain bowls.

​One part of this book that I really liked was the illustrations. There were many illustrations and images of traditional porcelain vases and bowl patterns.

This is a vase that shows an imperial kiln. The imperial kiln is where the entire process of porcelain production is documented, from the selection of the materials, to the production of molds, to the application of  glazes and polychrome, the firing process, and court officials approving and collecting the works.

​Overall, I learned a lot from this book and would recommend it to anyone who would like to learn more about Chinese culture and porcelain bowls. 
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