How to get Your Hands on Books

ReFoReMo will be here before we know it! We'll read and learn from at least 5 picture books a day in March.  And the reading list for the month will be released on February 23rd, so we'll have time to gather them before the challenge begins! 

With tons of picture book recommendations ready to fly off the shelf and into your home, you may find it helpful to be armed and ready with a library card during ReFoReMo. We recommend reserving the picture books at the library, and if you have access to online and inter-library loan features, even better.   When the library doesn't have a new release,  we visit our nearest bookstore and find a quiet spot to read.  You Tube usually has a read-aloud of most picture books if you can't find a specific title at the library or book store. Also, picture book writers are a great resource.  Get together (in-person or online) and share the book experience!

To read more, go to ReFoReMo, here.

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