Mentor Text Author Study: Aaron Reynolds


At my house, we read Creepy Carrots, by Aaron Reynolds all the time. Why do my kids enjoy it so much?  How does Aaron succeed in making us laugh and feel a little scared at the same time? What makes me willing to read it over and over? Why do we make references to creepy carrots every time we see something orange?

Clearly, Aaron’s picture books make an impact and his versatility makes him a great author to study. Aaron’s use of humor, the unexpected, and lyrical language make his books incredible mentor texts to learn from.
Humor: Aaron masterfully writes stories that not only make us laugh, but also subtly teach.  Superhero School is fun to read and yet definitely makes a point about the importance of math.  Carnivores teaches about animals hilariously, in a way that makes us empathize with the carnivores even after they eat each other.  Chicks and Salsamakes us laugh as the barnyard animals yearn for and learn how to make southwestern food.  Pirates vs. Cowboyscomical story shows us that we have something in common with everyone--even if it’s body odor!

The Unexpected: Aaron’s stories surprise us.  In Creepy Carrots, the carrots get the best the bunny in the end. Buffalo Wings stars a rooster chef who wants to make buffalo wings, but doesn’t realize they are made of chicken! Aaron’s rhyming story, Snowbots, pairs two unlikely things, (snow and robots) into a wonderful rollicking story.  Here Comes Destructosaurus! depicts a tantruming monster who really is just looking for his teddy bear.Nerdy Birdy surprises us with how nerds can sometimes be just as exclusive as the popular kids.  

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