Halloweensie Story

Susannah Leonard Hill hosts a Halloween Story Contest every Halloween.  This year the challenge was to write a story of less than 100 words that included the words: costume, haunt and dark.  Here's my attempt :)

Not a Witch

My name is Grizelda.  
Can you tell what I am?
No way.  I’m not a witch!
Yes.  I do have a black hat....
and a black cat...
and pointy boots...
and a broom.  
But I’m not a witch!  
Do you have any hats?
Do you have any pets?
Do you have any boots?
Do you have a broom?
Maybe you’re a witch.
You’re not? Neither am I.
Maybe it’s too dark for you to see my costume.
What?  My house looks haunted?
Thanks.  I try really hard.  
But I’m not a witch...
I’m a little girl just like you.


  1. Sweet! I have all of the above, albeit a borrowed neighbor's pet. Maybe I AM a witch! Well done, Kirsti!

    1. Thanks Julie :) I thought I'd play with it while I had my kids doing Friday Freewrite.

  2. Grizelda - what a great name! Happy Halloweensie!

  3. Very cute and clever, Kirsti! Love the set-up... and the turn-around ending :) Thanks so much for joining in the Halloweensie fun!

    1. Thanks Susanna! I love that you do these challenges...they are a great opportunity to get me writing!!!

  4. Very Cute. I didn't see this one before Halloween, but better late than never in your case! :)