Top 10 Picture Book Read Alouds

Kids are books are my favorite.  That’s why I’m drawn to writing kidlit.  That’s why I’m always reading at least 5 books at once and that’s probably one of the reasons I have 5 kids of my own. Reading aloud to my kids synergizes two of my favorite things, making it more appealing than ever.  Here is a list of my family’s top 10 picture book read alouds.  (I.e.  we have read each of these books a gazillion times and we still love them!)
cockle doodle oops!
creepy carrots
mustache baby
se cover
that is not a good idea
the three ninja pigs
you nest here with me
wolfie the bunny
What are your favorite picture book read alouds?  Sit down and take a moment to write your top 10!  

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