40 words

Birthdays have never really affected me...until now.  I’m turning 40 tomorrow and I thought it’d be fun to wax poetic on 40 of my favorite books, or 40 great writers or 40 ways to procrastinate when you have a writing deadline...but let’s face it, a list of 40 is just too long!

So here’s a 40 word poem.

40 Words

In my sentence of life

40 seizes a semicolon;

detaching the past from the future


40 exclaims authentically!

and questions unequivocally?

But I’d prefer that 40 pause.

An ellipse...

anticipating the page turns

of the rest of my life.

How would your age be represented in the sentence of life?


  1. Did I just do a word-count? :) "40 Words" is brilliant. I'm not sure when this was written, but I hope your birthday was wonderful. Happy belated birthday!

  2. Thanks Angel! It was last month, so you're not too belated!