3 Picture Book Reviews from 3 Kids

We love picture books at our house.  I read them to myself, my kids, and even my adult clients.   (I'm a firm believer in bibliotherapy). So it's not hard for my kids to talk about picture books that resonate with them.  Here are three reviews of three picture books from my three oldest children.  Enjoy.
PictureSydney, 9 years old
 Sydney reviews a classic.

I like the book Leonardo the Terrible Monster by Mo Willems because it’s funny and has a good message. Monsters are scary and good at doing what they do. However, in this book, Leonardo is terrible at being a monster and scaring people. He tries multiple times to scare the “tuna salad” out of someone, but he can’t. He gets an idea  and he researches until he finds the most “scaredy cat kid in the world” and he gives him "all he's got" until the boy cries. But scaring people isn't as fun as he thought so he decides to be a wonderful friend instead of a terrible monster. This book makes me smile because in the end, Leonardo chooses friendship and is true to himself. 

PictureNaomi, 11 years old
Naomi reviews the 2015 Caldecott winner. 
The Adventures of Beekle, by Dan Santat is an amazing book. Beekle is an imaginary friend who is tired of waiting for a child to dream of him, so he goes on a daring adventure to the real world. He looks everywhere, but cannot find his friend. So Beekle sits in a tree and waits for his friend to come. After a long time, Beekle still hasn't found his friend. He starts feeling sad just as a little girl named Alice calls up to him from the ground. They become best friends.

I love this book. First, I like how Beekle imagines that his friend will be a boy, but in the end his friend is actually a girl. Second, I love the illustrations, and how the imaginary world is colorful, and so is the playground, but the rest of the real world is drab and gray. Third, I love the word choice and how the words are handwritten. I think that this book is brilliantly written.

My four-year-old brother also loves this book and wants to read it every day. The words flow very well, and the illustrations are detailed and original.

The Adventures of Beekle teaches us to never give up, even if something is hard. Beekle traveled long and far to the real world. After a long day of waiting, it seemed that he would never find his friend. However, Beekle persisted, and found a friend in the end. 

PictureJames, 13 year old
James reviews my current favorite. 

To read the rest of this review, go to Children's Book Academy.

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