Interview of Dr. Mira Reisberg, Phenomenal Teacher and Mentor + GIVEAWAY

Dr. Mira Reisberg is a font of knowledge. Her passion for children’s literature and children’s book writers is obvious in everything that she does. I’ve taken several courses with The Children’s Book Academy and loved every minute of the experience!
Kirsti Call: You are an author, illustrator, teacher, and until recently, an agent. How do you decide what to focus on?
Dr. Mira Reisberg: First of all, thank you for interviewing me on Writers’ Rumpus. It’s a pleasure to be here.
This is such a timely question for me because after working 14-20 hour days for a year, I realized I couldn’t do it all. The pressure to earn a living combined with the pressure to do well by my clients, plus having a traumatic experience during the summer, took its toll and I got very sick. When I thought about what I loved most about agenting, it was helping others and working editorially, both of which I could do through the Children’s Book Academy, so I contacted all the outstanding editors who hadn’t said yay or nay, forwarded the clients’ contact info, and shut the agency down. It was very hard, but now I wake up without pain and anxiety, truly excited to be funneling my masses of creative energy into the Academy. We just had a webinar that 681 people signed up for, which is outrageous.
KC: I’ve taken several courses from The Children’s Book Academy. You are a phenomenal teacher and mentor. What is your favorite class to teach and what courses are coming up soon?
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  1. What a wonderful interview! Thank you Kirsti and Mira! I am now taking the Children's Book Academy Course and even though I'm not a newbie, I found a wealth of information in it, which I will be applying in my upcoming book series next year. Thank you for that!