Can You Paint With all the Colors of the Wind?

When I opened the package containing Colors of the Wind, by J. L. Powers and George Mendoza, I instantly knew it would be a hit with my kids.

The stunningly beautiful picture book is written about George Mendoza, a blind artist and athlete who also illustrated the book. I read this book to my 12, 11, 8, 6, and 4 year old's and they were mesmerized.

The story is visually arresting and the pictures fit seamlessly into the narrative. The story of George is inspiring and motivating...if a blind man can win Olympic medals and paint, than anything is possible. The message to work hard and persist in following your dreams is an important one and this book share that message very well.

We'll be reading this story over and over again for the story, the words and the breathtaking paintings. Well done, J.L. Powers and George Mendoza!