3 Tips for Hatching Stories


Writing has everything to do with chickens.  At least that’s how it feels as I embark on my new homeschooling/backyard chicken adventure.  Have you ever noticed that our language is inundated with chicken references and idioms?  That was part one of my chicken unit for the kids:  Find and define as many chicken sayings as you can.  They came up with 82!  Chickens have personalities, and preferences, and they are curious.  Who knew?  No wonder there are so many picture books about chickens! So with the help of my chickens, I’ll tell you about 3 tips for hatching stories.  


1. Fly the coop. Chickens need to leave the coop and get some light if they want to produce eggs.  That’s why a chicken run and time away from the coop in essential.  

Sometimes as writers, we feel cooped up or overly scheduled.  This squelches the writing juices and we can’t produce.  Don’t fill your life so full that writing isn’t possible.  Write in the treehouse, at the library, in a park, or on a swing. You’ll lay your best eggs when you fly the coop!

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