Interview of Agent Danielle Smith

When I first read about Danielle Smith about a year and a half ago, I liked her immediately.  Her knowledge  and love for children’s literature make her the perfect resource for writers and readers alike.
KIRSTI CALL: Welcome to WRITERS’ RUMPUS, Danielle. What is your favorite thing about being an agent?
DANIELLE SMITH: My favorite thing would have to be working with my clients and watching them grow through the process. More specifically being a part of their success. I’ve always been the type of person that enjoys giving others the tools to shine in the spotlight and that makes this one of the very best jobs for me personally.
KC: What is your least favorite thing about being an agent? DS: Getting rejections for books I love. We all get rejections, at every stage in this process. For me, I only take on projects and clients I truly love and am passionate about. So receiving a rejection hurts almost as much as if it were my own writing. That said, one or even a dozen rejections on one piece doesn’t mean the end. There’s always more and it only takes one editor to love a piece to make things happen.
KC: Writer’s get so excited about the prospect of having an agent interested in them.  How can a writer really know if an agent is right for them?
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