Interview with Katie Davis plus Giveaway!

I met Katie Davis at the NESCBWI Conference last spring.  Her energy is unrivaled and her books are delightful.  I’m thrilled for the privilege of interviewing her!
Hi Katie! I took your Video Idiot Boot Camp course and I was impressed with how clear and practical it was.  I learned how to make creative and fun videos in a very short period of time. Your book, How to Promote Your Children’s Book, is much the same.  It’s filled with practical advice, tips, tricks and personal stories that will help any author who is trying to get their work out there. In fact, I’ve used many of those tips in promoting my debut picture book.
What was your impetus for writing a book about marketing children’s books?
Katie Davis: First let me thank you for all your kind praise and tell you how much that means to me. Clarity isn’t easy for me because I’m very attentionally deficit and have so much going on my head. It was laborious for me to plot out Video Idiot Boot Camp over the course of a year so it WAS clear and step­ by ­step for non ­techy writers, and when I re­wrote and expanded How to Promote, it was the same. So your words mean a lot to me. There were many reasons to write the book. First, so many writers ask me questions about marketing through Brain Burps About Books, my podcast about the craft and business of children’s publishing. I thought, “Why not put it all in one place?”
But I also thought it would help to promote my own platform and my growing coaching business, and it has definitely done that.
Kirsti Call: You have nine children’s books published and more coming soon.  How has children’s book marketing evolved over the years for you?
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