★ "Children will be delighted with the combination of onomatopoeia and puns in this amusing read-aloud that will introduce a new generation to witty wordplay."—School Library Journal, STARRED review

"Children will giggle over the absurdly wrong sounds the animals make at each page turn."—Kirkus Reviews

I'm so excited that my second cow book has mooooooved onto shelves!  It's filled with cow-racters I love and hope you do to! 

HMH's blurb: A humorous picture book filled with wordplay and mixed-up onomatopoeia, Cow Says Meow features bold graphic art, silly animals, and unique cover cut-outs at the front and back.

Cow says . . . Meow!

Cat says . . . Neigh!

. . . or does it?

With bold graphic art and a punny narrator, this zany picture book is full of outrageously mixed-up animal sounds. Puns and wordplay will leave readers giggling through the roller-coaster of sounds all the way to the final pages featuring the correct animal noises. Cow Says Meow is a perfect read aloud for home, the classroom, or anywhere else, and will delight fans of Cece Bell’s I Yam a Donkey and David Ezra Stein's Interrupting Chicken.

I hope you check it out at the library or at any bookstore near you.  And take a listen to this PUR-fect song my daughter Syd wrote for my virtual book launch.  She's the cat's meow!  

Mootilda Introduction

Mootilda surprised me with a visit. We read the first few pages of Mootilda together and remembered our song, "I'm in a Bad Mood."

Mootilda's Song

Are you in a bad mooooood?  Trying singing along to this song!  

It's cow-thartic! 

This song is based on the picture book, MOOTILDA'S BAD MOOD, written by Kirsti Call and Corey Rosen Schwartz (Little Bee Books, Sept 1, 2020)
Mootilda woke up on the wrong side of the barn and one suffers one cow-tastrophe after another. "I'm in a bad moooooooood" she says over and over. Will she ever turn her mood around?

Sung by Mootilda and Kirsti Call
Mootilda's voice by Sammy Call
Song written and accompanied by Sydney Call
Studio audience: Daniel Call, Naomi Call, Sydney Call, Sophia Call, Allie Gasperoni, Michael Insero

MOOTILDA'S BAD MOOD--Free Virtual Book Launch!

. . . A barnyard parable sure to lighten bad mooods."--Kirkus Reviews

MOOTILDA'S BAD MOOD is Mooooving onto shelves!  Mootilda wakes up on the wrong side of the barn and experiences one cow-tastrophe after another. Can Mootilda turn her bad mooood around?  

Find out at the free virtual book launch on Saturday, September 5th at 12PM EST! Click the link to register!!!

Or Tuesday, Septembre 8th, at 7pm EST! 

And if you pre-order on amazon the book, I will send you a signed bookplate, stickers (while supplies last) and a link to a mood-o-meter coloring page!